Can I get an “Amen” for Summer Camp?

It so hard to think about summer camp, when you can’t even see the grass in your yard! It’s that time already to start preparing for the Summer.

Many camp registrations are opening up. Many of the camps offer scholarships. So we must get a jump on the registration wagon. Last year, we started out with trying two camps, Discovery World and Urban Ecology Center. Both were very well run, very organized, very educational. The process to register and apply for scholarships was very easy at both camps.

We have also been attending camp at PEAK for a few years — the name has changed from Lake Valley Camp. They have a lot to offer, especially for your teens. They have a few different camps. My favorite is the 12 days they get to spend in Boscobel in western Wisconsin. They get to see friends from previous years. Many activities — swimming, camp fires, hiking. They are fed very well. They grow their own vegetables, and everything is made from scratch. The older campers (LT’s for Leadership Training) help with the responsibilities of cooking, preparing, and clean up. The leadership training prepares them to be future camp counselors. This helps many of their current camp staff to pay for college. They also offer a weekend FAMILY camp, in both June and August. There are cabins that you and your family can stay in, and there are many family activities going on.

The bonus is…. it’s free! They even provide the transportation! There’s limited availability, so this also would need to be scheduled in advance. A great family memory to create. They do require a deposit for each camp session, but it is refundable. I am in the process now of registering for summer. This year, we’re going to try two new camps. One is First Stage theater camp, which does offer scholarships. Also, the Milwaukee Public Museum, which offers camp for children as young as 5 years old. Their camps are one day camps, and they do not offer scholarships. Camp topics include geology, dinosaur study, and many more. Camps for the younger kids are $25 per day, and $85 for Grades 1-4. They are cheaper if you are a museum member.

Another good resource is the MPS Recreation Dept. Baseball leagues will be starting in early April.

Honestly, I use to complain about property taxes and the water bill, but Milwaukee really has so much to offer in low cost and free entertainment, all year long.

Have a great spring — if it ever arrives!


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  1. I love Hope Network, and am proud to be a member. I get the monthly magazines, I find to be resourceful especially when planning summer activities for my 13 year old. I was searching for free to low cost summer camps to enroll my daughter when I read about Lake Valley Camp. I registered my daughter the following day I read about the camp, and luckily, she was accepted to attend Teen Color Wars Camp and Resident Camp. I am thankful for for Hope Network, and I pass the information forward to families in the community. I also am teaching my daughter about community service so she will give back to the community as the community is giving to her.

  2. This is great to hear! I hope your daughter has a fantastic time at camp. Feel free send to our News editor Pauline Beck a photo to share. We’d love other families see how the News helped you!


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