Single Mother Scholars

Meet the winners

With more than 100 scholarships awarded since 1988, HOPE Network is proud of our role in families’ futures. With help from HOPE Network, women are inspiring their children, completing degrees, and building family-supporting careers.

Our 2018 winners represent diverse circumstances, institutions, and areas of study. Keep reading for their stories.

Jenna Benson

JennaEdmund Springman Educational Grant
Herzing University

After becoming a single mother at 19, Jenna feared that her dream of a career in nursing was out of reach. With help from HOPE Network, she is earning her degree. She calls daughter Baylee her “blessing in disguise.”  Read Jenna’s Story

Alejandra Castillo

Alejandra CastilloEdmund Springman Educational Grant
Alverno College

Kimberly Clayton

Kimberly ClaytonEdmund Springman Educational Grant
Midwest Bible College
Biblical Studies/Ministry
Graduated: 2018

Like all of the scholarship winners, Kimberly spent some time volunteering. Upon completing her studies, she’s continued to partner with HOPE and bring needed resources to the north side while setting a powerful example for daughter Elise. Read Kimberly’s story

Nicole Currie

Nicole CurrieEdmund Springman Educational Grant

Nicole is working to support two sons while earning her degree. “My advice to any single mother is that anything is possible if you stay positive, be consistent, and work hard.”  Read Nicole’s story

Lauren Davis

Edmund Springman Educational Grant
Alverno College

Lauren dreams of becoming an oncology nurse some day and says inspiring her two year-old son motivates her. “I aspire to set a good example for him, so that one day when he’s older he will want to go to school and get an education.”  Read Lauren’s story

Tracey Davis

Tracey_DavisEdmund Springman Educational Grant
Marquette University
Criminology & Law Studies

Tracey’s motivation comes from faith and family. She says of her four children, “I am their living example. That is where my strength and endurance comes from.” After finishing her undergraduate studies with help from HOPE Network, she pursuing a law degree. Read Tracey’s story

LaRhonda Goodwin

LaRhonda GoodwinEdmund Springman Educational Grant
Upper Iowa University
Graduated 2018

After earning her bachelor’s degree in psychology, LaRhonda is pursuing graduate studies. She also is supporting other parents in their journey with her job at The Parenting Network. Read LaRhonda’s story

Venecia Love

Venetia LoveEdmund Springman Educational Grant

Vanessa Meyers

Vanessa MeyersRachel Holley Sciortino Educational Grant
Radiation Therapy

Vanessa’s optimism and upbeat temperament are helping her pursue her goals of happiness and success for herself and daughter Ciara. With her scholarship, she is pursuing a career in radiation therapy “to give people a chance to believe in themselves.” Read Vanessa’s story


LaCreshia Thomas

LaCreshia ThomasEdmund Springman Educational Grant