Nicole Currie

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In her own words

My name is Nicole Currie. I’m a single mother of two boys Zaire, 16, Zion, 12.

I’m a student at Milwaukee Area Technical College. My major is radiography. I choose radiography because I’m a very visual person, and discovering new things excites me.

I want to give my children a better life, be financially stable and excel in my life goals. Through this process, my children and a few great motivating women have inspired me. They’ve helped me look past the bad and push through to keep moving They’ve given me the much needed support I was lacking. They were a blessing in disguise.

I give all my praise for overcoming my obstacles to God and to my support system. They made me stronger and helped me believe in myself when I didn’t or when I wanted to give up.

In my spare time I love to dance and listen to music.

My advice to any single mother is that anything is possible if you stay positive, be consistent, and work hard.

I’m learning that the best way to stay on track or focused is to surround yourself with positive goal-oriented people who have similar goals so you can support and motivate one another.

Also, never give up; it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you. Keep your faith strong and with these things you can make the impossible.......possible.

Nicole and sons
Nicle and her sons