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Hello, my name is Vanessa Meyers, and I’m 18 years old. I will be graduating high school in June from West Allis Central. I have a daughter named Ciara; she is my biggest fan!

All throughout my high school years, I played volleyball for Central and for a club team, JR Red Knights, mostly playing front middle.

I will be attending MATC to earn an associate’s degree to become a radiation therapist. Some of the courses I will have to take in my two years there are anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, radiologic technology, medical imaging and processing, and sectional pathology.

The reason I picked this career is to give people a chance to believe in themselves, to help them to see another day in their life, and to be able to show them that people do love and care about them.

My main goal in life is to be happy with everything, with after graduating college and then starting my life and family. Spending all those years working super hard to finally just having everything you ever worked for is my definition of happy!

Not only do I want to succeed in life, but making sure Ciara also succeeds – that’s my biggest goal.

Someone who has inspired me the most is my Uncle Todd. Having a wonderful person in my life was so much help. He’s taught me to become the person I am, and helped me find who I am. I couldn’t have asked for anyone else.

I learned to overcome things by always telling myself: “It’s just a bad day; it could be worst.” Just owning up to it and taking control was my only option.

Making every day worth it and staying positive is the only way I overcome any obstacle.

My daughter, Ciara, is 4 years old, turning 5 in July. She is very intelligent, social, and enjoys exploring the outdoors. She loves going to school and has made many friends in her first school year!

My advice for any mom is to just believe in yourself. Don’t think your life is over just because someone says it is -- they wouldn’t have a clue. Succeed with your child or children, and live a happy life!

Vanessa and Ciara
Vanessa and Ciara