Lauren Davis

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My name is Lauren Davis and I am a single mother to a sweet little boy named Luke, who is two years old. We spend most of our free time playing with cars, at the park, and reading books.

I’m also a junior at Alverno College where I’m studying to be a nurse. I’m minoring in Spanish, and in my free time I volunteer as often as I can with an outreach program for local Latinos providing health-related services.

I also work as a Nurse Assistant, as well as help tutor various nursing classes during the school year.

After I graduate from nursing school, I plan on becoming an oncology nurse. In the future, I hope to go back to school to receive my master’s degree in order to become a nurse researcher or a nurse practitioner.

I am a very self-motived person, but having my son has brought a new source of motivation into my life. I aspire to set a good example for him, so that one day when he’s older he will want to go to school and get an education.

I have been very fortunate, in that I have parents who have supported and encouraged me from day one when I found out I was pregnant, and every day since.

My advice for other single mothers is to follow your dreams! Having children does not make doing so impossible; instead, it makes following your dreams so much more rewarding!

It is important to find a support group or person – someone who will encourage and motivate you even when you feel like giving up.

Always remember, you’re no longer just doing this for yourself – you’re also doing it for your children who are watching you every day!

Lauren Davis & Luke
Lauren Davis and her son Luke