Catching up with 2009 scholarship winner Shana Douyette

By Liz Beaudoin, Executive Director | May 3, 2019

  Recently I met up with Shana Douyette in Menomonee Falls, near her work (and mine). Longtime friends of HOPE Network may remember that she won the Edmund Springman Educational Grant in 2009 to complete a program in medical billing and coding. She completed her program in 2009 and, after a circuitous journey through the … Read more

So, did it go fast?

By Liz Beaudoin, Executive Director | Apr 8, 2019

That was the first question one board member asked at a recent meeting about my first year at HOPE Network. It’s hard to believe that April 9th, I celebrate one year at HOPE Network. What things we have accomplished in a year! 287 Members 49 Cribs distributed to families in need 10 scholarships of $1450 … Read more

kids by tent at summer camp

Can I get an “Amen” for Summer Camp?

By Pam Oberg-Sutton | Apr 3, 2019

It so hard to think about summer camp, when you can’t even see the grass in your yard! It’s that time already to start preparing for the Summer. Many camp registrations are opening up. Many of the camps offer scholarships. So we must get a jump on the registration wagon. Last year, we started out with trying … Read more

Building bonds and giving HOPE

By Liz Beaudoin, Executive Director | Apr 2, 2019

A few weeks ago, our office had a visitor. While our Menomonee Falls location has many advantages, it’s often not the most convenient place for mothers in need. As a result, we often end up referring them to a community partner, who can deliver their crib and provide safe sleep education in the home. When … Read more